Gala evenings

An evening to give the image of your company.

A successful gala evening is a gala evening that resembles your company's values and creates a positive image of it. That is why every Gala evening organized by Médiapex is a unique evening meeting the objectives and corporate culture of our client.

In the organization of your evening all the account: the choice of the place and the animations, the restoration but also the atmosphere and the decor. That is why it is important to call on specialized and quality service providers. This evening being organized in an exceptional way, it must be perfect.

Médiapex is the opportunity to find the perfect concept for your gala evening and all the logistics that go with it.

Gala evening often rhymes with prestige and beauty. This is an advantage for your evening since this framework will give the guests the desire to participate. Prestige goes with Exception. The guests are therefore proud to be present and feel the time of a prestigious and exceptional evening. The place will therefore be a luxurious and very beautiful place. Depending on the image of your company, it will be modern or character.

But nothing can stop you from creating enthusiasm and astonishment by organizing an original and offbeat gala evening that will match your desires. The venue will be innovative and innovative, surprising and entertaining.

It is also possible to rely on simplicity by proposing a convivial and good-natured evening. So it is important to know that picture you want to reflect through this evening. If the goal is to mark the spirits by dazzling your guests, your evening will be totally different than an evening or the purpose is to create surprise.

The theme of your evening will be the main theme of your event. It is from there that all benefits will be defined. The themes are multiple: Glam & White evening, cinema night, Brazilian evening, rhinestone and glitter evening, jazz evening .... And many others. The program of this one will depend on your objectives: To gather your collaborators, to launch a new product, to celebrate a particular event such as an anniversary, to make you known ...

For evenings aimed at developing your notoriety, we will opt for animations such as shows that will dazzle the guests. For evenings gathering the staff, we will propose animations rather participative such as quizzes, challenges ... that will create the conviviality.

For gala evenings of young and dynamic companies, we will present original and innovative animations. The whole thing is that this evening perfectly reflects your company because it is this image there that the guests will retain from you.

Médiapex will allow you to call upon service providers who will perfectly fit the theme and program of your evening. Each service: place, catering, animations, decor will have a link with the concept of your evening.