Paper or plastic bags

The bag is an essential accessory in almost all the daily situations, it is also the present which will please certainly.

You can create a bag shopping, a shoulder bag or a backpack personalized with your own image or a text of your choice. You are in lack of inspiration? No panic, we accompany you to find a bag personalized with a design which pleases you.

The backpack child
Please the children by offering them personalized backpacks. An ideal present which will accompany them to the school, in their sports activities and in their releases of the weekend!

Shoulder bag
With its large compartment inside, our shoulder bag allows you to slide your files, your smartphone, your tablet or even your computer in one place. This bag will quickly become your faithful companion in almost every occasion.

Shopping bag
Desire for a bag personalized and original shopping? Create hit yourself with your photo and your text at Médiapex! Give free rein to your love of the shopping! With our magnificent bag shopping, your spending spree will know no more limits.

  • Fabric
  • Polyester
  • Plastic
  • Paper
  • Different colors
  • Different models