Médiapex is a mix of strategic thinking, creativity and technical expertise.


the IT partner
for companies.

For several years, Médiapex has been assisting its clients in the development, integration and operation of their information systems.


Our Design Thinking approach.

Focused on the customer experience combines intuition, creativity and audacity.


We give wings to your company

Creativity and technology are our sources of inspiration to accompany you in every project.


Get away from it all!

We accompany you in order to make your visual identity live, by distilling it on the various communication media necessary for the diffusion of your image. Logotypes, graphic charters, websites, editions and events are our core business.


Discover now our visual universe.

We design graphic solutions tailored to your specifications and target audience.


Who are we ?

Médiapex is an ambitious global communication agency located in Dakar, the capital of Senegal (West Africa). Based on an extensive experience involving a multitude of projects, Mediapex has brought together a large team of professionals ready to meet your needs by producing intelligent designs, thus offering engaging experiences and building meaningful links.

Our philosophy is simple. We appreciate individuality and creativity. We consider that human resources are the most valuable. We like our work and think that is our main advantage. Fast return and excellence in customer support are our motto.

  • ADVICE We help our clients identify innovative concepts Learn more
  • CREATION We love the challenge of expressing your ideas visually. Learn more
  • TECHNICAL We implement all the technical tools to make your ideas live. Learn more

Key figures

Some stuff you may not know about us

  • 221 Completed Projects And so many satisfied customers
  • 10 Current projects And so many challenges
  • 13 Country This is the number of countries where we have clients
  • 137 Clients Many of you trust us


Our expertise and philosophy are better represented by our achievements.

The Médiapex team | An overactive team that gives life to good ideas!


General manager

The Captain with the safe hand, with him, it is assured that the ship will stay the course beyond the inclement weather. His analytical and tactical mind ensures that all projects are executed and checked with a fine comb; Things just have to be perfect. Quickly, one sees in his intense gaze that a sea of ideas only asks to spring.


El Hadji Mar DIAGNE

Chief Technology Officer

An accomplished family father, he is a seasoned developer and the ultimate graphic arts specialist. He solves the challenges of web programming like melting butter in a hot ceramic pan. Sociable, friendly and always ready to help his colleagues, he leads the team of developers by transferring his know-how to him.


Ngoné FALL

Sales manager

Sitting on a chair behind a computer screen all day? Too little for her! To meet the other, to exchange, to discuss, to convince and finally to satisfy him, this is what animates you Ngonish! She is close to customers and always listens to them. Motivation for customer satisfaction, taste of challenge and good relationship make her one of the most valued ambassadors of Médiapex.


Ousseynou Niang

Web developer

Clear your cache, refresh the page, and see the result. With Weuz, there are never any problems, but rather challenges and solutions. Genuine HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP guru is a multi-tasking and multi-language programmer, very agile, who knows how to adapt to the many needs of a website. And when Weuz starts talking, he is an exemplary workmate, kindled and alive. He managed to get the "Jordan" into the dress code of Médiapex.


Cheikh Bamba Guissé

Web developer

Developer in the soul, he uses his perfect mastery of programming languages to feed large-scale digital projects while being attentive to the customer's slightest desires. When it comes to proposing innovations, it is far from being the last and nourishes on a daily basis the dynamics of innovation of Médiapex. Quiet nature, it is also the best "Cafetier" of all time able to transform the worst coffee into a beverage with an exquisite flavor!


Abibou Mbodji

Software developer

Perseverance and patience are the adjectives that qualify Abibou. This hardcore Cristiano Ronaldo master coding as his idol mastered the ball. He is fluent in technical English and keeps himself informed on all new computer languages. Its programming requires a great rigor and method because, according to him, a software called to be delivered to the customer must not tolerate any flaw or bug in use.


Ndèye Sadio DIOP

Community manager

His good mood, his hard work and his contagious smile are both invaluable to Médiapex, but also an undeniable asset for customers and suppliers. Although working behind a screen, it is in close and permanent contact with our customers' Internet communities. Reactive and curious it adapts to all changes in social networks and the renewal of its tools.


Absa Diouf DIOP

Editor / Media Planner

Did you think that the contents of the "made by Mediapex" websites were made themselves? Why not! They are the work of Michou, says Alexander the Great who for every project, takes the trouble to learn about everything, and translate everything into words to attract the attention of the surfer. The primordial quality of Michou is undoubtedly its ease of writing. With a good pen and an extended lexical repertoire, she always persuades the reader and encourages him to continue reading.



Graphic Designer

At the office, he knows how to be remarkable for his humor and teasing fellowship. It is especially when he sets to work that the creative Beast, who never sleeps far away anyway, wakes up, with all the anticipated enthusiasm of a creative and talented designer. Always on the lookout for new developments in the field, his enlightened and ambitious spirit finds his account in print, on the Web and on any iteration of new media.

Our partners

Médiapex serves clients of all sizes and in all sectors of activity.

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