Product / Service Launch

Your product is innovative, your presentation for its launch must be innovative too!

This event is essential: the product is presented to the press, your customers and your prospects.

An irreproachable presentation is an event that must be perfectly orchestrated. Nothing should be left to chance, everything has to be reflected, mastered and integrated into the marketing strategy of your product.

During this product launch, you have to "create the event" in order to obtain and quantify positive benefits for the new product presented. Organizing a product launch is a real creation of a custom event.

You must convince, seduce, surprise and mark the minds of your guests during a product launch. These are the reasons why, your product launch alone is one of the most important events and a turning point in your business development.

Thanks to our knowledge of different areas, we will propose to you several places that meet the criteria of capacity, functionality and location that you have defined beforehand with your account manager.

For your product launch to be an unforgettable event in everyone's mind, it must be conceptualized clearly with animations adapted to the product presented. It is very important that your event fits perfectly with the marketing plan that you have set up to launch your product.

The animations proposed must be adapted to your new product but also to the audience of this event. These product launch animations thus reinforce the impact of your product which must remain in value. Your entire event must revolve around your product.

Depending on the product you market and your reputation, you can simply present your product in a very traditional way in a simple presentation or in a more theatrical or even spectacular way.

Submit your project and we will recommend original ideas to launch your product and distinguish you from the competition!