The innovative,
the surprising and the reasonable,
adapted to your budget and to your ambition!

At Médiapex, we know that create a site which distances itself require to plan him carefully and to align him with the objectives of the company, market needs and technologies most in the point.

If the web site is a communication medium among others and becomes integrated into a global strategy, its technical components make him nevertheless potentially richer than in others. Of the simple presentation of the company, its offer via an on-line catalog up to an integrated solution of e-commerce, the web site has to enrich each of the dimensions of your communication, corporate, internal, the extern, and the customer satisfaction.

Too many sites are banal or ineffective because they are not aligned with the strategic objectives of the undertaking ultimately that virtual, complex business cards and expensive.

Our web designers master all the "e-twine" and know Adapt the objectives of your communication to this digital world.

Objective: to be seen / read very quickly and very often by the greatest number!

Showcase web site
Be present
on the net

A showcase site presents your company, which it is, where it is situated and what it is doing. It is an information source, much more than a business card, for your customers and your prospective customers. It is a first essential medium for a communication on the Internet, to make you known and be recognized as professional in your activity. We create your web site in your image so that it reflects most perfectly your values and your identity.

E-commerce site
Sell your products online anytime
The e-commerce opens up to their unexplored sales channels which overtake by far the local market of companies. Online shops are very easy to create and generate considerable income for a little brought up cost because they are opened 24 hours a day, every day of the week and do not require the presence of a natural person to serve the customers. Besides, you can gain money, thanks to the advertising shown on your site.

Communicate internally in complete freedom and security
The intranet is a computer network used inside a company or inside any other entity using the techniques of communication of Internet (IP, HTTP servers). In large companies, the intranet makes the object of a particular governance because of its penetration in the whole of the cogs of organizations. It promote the speed of the exchanges of data, the accessibility of the contents, the integration of the resources and the rationalization of infrastructures.

What we do
  • Creation of static or dynamic website
  • Creating customized visuals
  • Insertion of editorial and graphic contents
  • Integration of contact forms, order forms ...
  • Optimization and natural referencing
  • Creation of newsletters / Emailing
  • Registration of the domain name (.sn, .com, .net ...)
  • On-line the site
  • Creating professional email addresses
  • Provision of statistics of site visits
  • Email campaign management
  • Google AdWords campaign management (with keywords)
  • Training of site administrators (webmasters)
  • Technical Support

Médiapex's assets in terms of website

Personalized design
Thanks to the design "Médiapex" that is original and modern, stand out with a visible virtual showcase of all and enjoy the guarantee of an optimal visual impact.

Obtain detailed reports on your visitors and the sections of your site which generate most traffic.

Integration of social medias
Publish your news on the social networks from the one and the same place.

Make so that your site is easy to find by search engines and by your customers.

Mobile optimization
& responsive design

Médiapex conceives for you a navigable site from any devices, including tablets and smartphones.

Attractive prices
We have a fair price policy for a professional service.