Marketing Consulting

Faced with a constantly changing environment, your marketing strategy and your positioning must constantly adapt to the expectations and constraints of the market.

Marketing studies and consulting allow you to continuously study and adjust your marketing strategy and seize new development opportunities. Médiapex brings you a pragmatic approach, from the study and definition phases of the marketing strategy to the actual implementation of your projects. Studies and marketing advice: two complementary approaches.

Want strategic advice?

We place customer listening at the heart of our advisory approach: 100% of our missions include a qualitative study.

Do you want to entrust us with a marketing study?

Conducted by experienced marketing consultants, our marketing studies allow you to have strategic or operational advice.

At Médiapex, we favor qualitative studies on quantitative surveys. These in-depth and targeted studies provide an in-depth understanding of your customers' needs, expectations and barriers and understand all stakeholders. Our marketing methods allow us to encourage the free speech of customers, prospects and influencers to have detailed information, directly exploitable within the framework:

  • market research
  • Competitive study
  • analysis of the client path