Prise en charge globale

Médiapex is responsible for guiding your company, or organization, in the development of its internal and external communication: external to « promote its image » to the public, external partners, suppliers, etc. ; Internal to federate staff to the goals of your business.

We take care of all the communication needs of your company through the five main areas of communication:

  • audit of the communication, advice (with recommendation of actions);
  • global communication (commercial communication (or product), institutional communication, brand communication, event communication, corporate and financial communication);
  • graphic studio (visual creation, special effects, retouching and image processing, shooting, object, signage, Virtual Intelligence ...);
  • Internet (dynamic website creation, e-commerce, social networks, rich interfaces, 3D, web applications, mobile applications ...)
  • multimedia (e-card, CD rom)

Several areas are open to our expertise. And this is why we are talking about a global communication agency that can work both in advertising and direct marketing. In general, Mediapex acts under a standard protocol:

  1. It performs an analysis of the existing communication.
  2. It is developing a communication strategy for the public.
  3. It designs a specifically internal communication strategy.
  4. It entrusts the graphic studio with the task of creating the advertising image.

Médiapex listens to its customers and invariably integrates their business components, in order to understand their marketing problems as closely as possible. Because medapex knows that customers expect concrete recommendations on their communication and creative solutions to implement them.

The « global communication » model thus integrates more services than those of the advertising agencies specialized in Marketing.